Ross MacLeod Putting is the place in Scotland to come for all your putting needs.  As well as top class putting coaching I offer full custom fittings for SeeMore, Scotty Cameron, Taylor Made and Cleveland putters.

Below are my 3 steps towards great putting;

1. Enjoy Putting

This is a really simple first step but an all too often ignored one.  Please remember we PLAY golf and it should be enjoyed.  Too often golfers are easily frustrated on the greens and I have been there myself many times.  I do try and remember it is just a game to be enjoyed however.  When I say “enjoy putting” I don’t just mean out on the course in the heat of battle.  Enjoy all its’ challenges and the journey of getting better!  Enjoy solving the read of the greens along with the skill of getting the ball on your chosen line plus the judging of the distance.  I’m confident if you do remember to “enjoy putting” you’ll get better.

2. Find YOUR ideal grip and YOUR best setup

My grip of choice is the most popular putting grip, the reverse overlap.  However, it is not a fundamental to good putting.  Many times I have left a golfer’s grip alone if I do not attribute it to an issue in their putting.  There are too many grips to name and many many of them work just fine.  What is important is that YOU find one that works for YOU.

Your setup is no different.  A lot of golfers these days prefer a more upright posture than in the past.  A lot of golfers putt great with their forearms running down the shaft of the putter to the ball.  Different ball positions can work.  Same as different eye positions.  Over the ball, inside the ball?  None of the above are fundamentals to great putting.  Again, what is important is what is best for YOU.

I genuinely believe if you have a good grip and setup for your putting you are a long way to great putting.  Much more so than in the full swing where a lot more can go wrong between takeaway and impact.  Putting is a less physical move and there’s no reason why anyone can’t putt great.


Once your mindset for putting is solid and you have a good grip and setup you must practice effectively.  I emphasise good quality practice at my putting school because it is easy to put time into practice without seeing great returns.  I like feedback when you practice and pressure to be involved to prepare you for the real thing out there.

Green reading, ball direction and distance control can and should all be practised.  In my opinion distance control is the hardest to master and arguably the most important of the 3 areas mentioned.  Not many 30 footers are more than a couple of feet wide but often enough they come up 5 or 6 feet short or past the hole.  Developing a great touch that is adaptable to different greens is crucial to great putting.

There are many other aspects to putting but they are generally very individualised.  In my opinion, the 3 steps above apply to ALL golfers.  Come and visit me at Clydeway and we can get to work on how you can become a better putter.